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Canine Vaccine Schedule


Responsible owners know that to take the best care of a dog, their pet must be vaccinated against common diseases.  Vaccinations are given at different stages in a dog's life, so it is crucial to know when your dog should be vaccinated and what vaccines they need.  Vaccinating your dog has long been considered one of the easiest ways to help them live a long, healthy life.  Not only are there different vaccines for different diseases, there are different types and combinations of vaccines.  We recommend that your dog should be on heartworm prevention 9-12 months out of the year.

Vaccines for Canines


  • DISTEMPER an airborne viral disease of the lunge, intestines & brain
  • HEPATITIS a viral disease of the liver
  • LEPTOSPIROSIS a bacterial disease of the urinary tract
  • PARAINFLUENZA infectious bronchitis
  • PARVOVIRUS a viral disease of the intestines & in some cases; the disease can be fatal
  • CORONA VIRUS a viral disease of the intestines
  • BORDETELLA a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory system (kennel cough)
  • RABIES a viral disease of the central nervous system that can be fatal to humans & other animals - THIS VACCINE IS REQUIRED BY LAW
  • LYME DISEASE (BORRELIOSIS) an infectious, tick-borne disease which effects the heart, kidneys & joints

Abbreviations of Vaccines


  • D
  • H
  • L
  • P
  • P
  • CV
  • BDT
  • RV


Vaccination Schedule


6 weeks of age:

DHPP and dewormer

8 weeks of age:

DHPP, dewormer & begin heart worm preventative (once a month)

10 weeks of age:

DHPP + CV + BDT (+/- Lepto)

12-14 weeks of age:

DHPP + CV + BDT (+/- Lepto)

16 weeks of age:

DHPP and first Rabies

7-9 months of age:

First heart worm test + prevention


DHPP + CV + BDT (+/- Lepto) heart worm test, fecal analysis, Rabies & heart worm prevention